Surveillance Systems




Lorex Video Surveillance

Lorex video surveillance along with free Lorex apps allow you to remotely access your security camera system directly from your smartphone or tablet. This means that you can monitor your home or property whenever you like. Packed with intuitive smart features, our apps will help you stay connected to your home or business when you’re not there and help keep you safe when you are. These can be set up with integrated cloud and video surveillance capabilities.


  • IP camera systems use the most advanced technology and are more future-ready. IP cameras are connected to a Network Video Recorder (NVR) using a single Cat5e (or greater) ethernet cable that (thanks to Power-over-Ethernet or PoE technology) also powers the cameras.


  • MPX security camera systems use a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). An RG59 Siamese BNC cable connects MPX cameras to the DVR. This cable has two ends – one for power and one for analog video transmission. Wireless cameras are also compatible with most MPX security systems.


Monitor live using web browsers as well as on your iPad, iPhone, android with the free Lorex App.  Search recorded video and enjoy real-time cloud recording with redundant and secure storage.